A Density-Watershed Algorithm (DWA) Method for Robust, Accurate and Automatic Classification of Dual-Fluorescence and Four-Cluster Droplet Digital PCR Data

With accurate classification based on droplet fluorescence intensity amplitude, ddPCR can enumerate the number of positive droplets that contain DNA templates (higher), and that of negative droplets without DNA templates(lower).

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One-step bonding and hydrophobic surface modification method for rapid fabrication of polycarbonate-based droplet microfluidic chips

One-step Bonding and Hydrophobic Surface Modification Method for Rapid Fabrication of Polycarbonate-based Droplet Microfluidic Chips

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A Cosine Similarity Algorithm Method for Fast and Accurate Monitoring of Dynamic Droplet Generation Processes

Droplet microfuidics has attracted signifcant interests in functional microcapsule synthesis, pharmaceuticals, fne chemicals, cosmetics and biomedical research.

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