• C1 easyPCR Analyzer

    With the increasing application of real-time quantitative fluorescence PCR, to meet the demand for rapid, timely detection and flexible throughput, TargetingOne launches the Portable Fast Real-time Fluorescence PCR Analyzer easyPCR C1.

  • C6 easyPCR AnalyzerC6

    Real-Time PCR Instrument

  • C0 Thermal Cycler

    Innovative design with new generation semiconductor technology
    7" TFT high-definition true-colour full touch LCD screen
    11 types of sample stage modules to choose
    Bilingual Chinese and English selectable
    Rich in software function

  • Drop Maker M1

    The Drop Maker is an integrated optical, mechanical and electrical device with a proprietary microfluidic chip that can rapidly produce nanolitre (<1nl) water-in-oil droplets from aqueous phase samples.

  • Chip Reader R2

    The Chip Reader adopts the laser quasi-confocal principle and is equipped with a proprietary microfluidic droplet detection chip.

  • Chip Reader R1

    The use of laser "quasi" confocal and flow detection principles and powerful data interpretation software allow easy identification of positive signals and accurate quantification.

  • E10 Nucleic Acid Extraction SystemE10

    TargetingOne's Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor E10 adopts a magnetic bead-based automated adsorption and separation method.