C1 easyPCR Analyzer

Product Description

  • Reaction volume: 25-50 μL
  • Temperature rise rate: maximum 12℃/s
    (40 cycles in 25 minutes)
  • Temperature homogeneity: ±0.3@60°C, ±0.3@95°C
  • Sample throughput: 2 x 8 wells
    (0.1ml single tube and 0.1ml 8-Strip PCR tubes)
  • Result time: 16 samples (from sampling to results total within 37 mins)
  • Fluorescence channel: 4 channels
  • Analysis method: Absolute Quantitative, Relative quantitative, Qualitative analysis
  • Application: Laboratories, farms, ranches, farms, water sources, customs, disease control, venues and other sites for rapid testing, and is widely used in life sciences, outbreak infectious diseases, animal epidemics, biological warfare agents, food safety and other fields.
  • With the increasing application of real-time quantitative fluorescence PCR, to meet the demand for rapid, timely detection and flexible throughput, TargetingOne launches the Portable Fast Real-time Fluorescence PCR Analyzer easyPCR C1. With superior temperature control, optical technology, easy-to-operate software and a lightweight portable body, the easyPCR C1 breaks through the limitations of laboratory space, can rapidly and accurately complete the application detection and analysis.

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